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Bissell Big Green Machine Review

Bissell Big Green Machine 7700

The Bissell Big Green Machine 7700 is a multi-use cleaner that has earned a 3.5 out of 5 star rating.

The Bissell Big Green Machine 7700 Home Cleaner vacuums, deep cleans carpets, and washes hard surfaces giving consumers a multipurpose cleaning machine.

Bissell products and appliances have developed an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability. The company produces a number of popular vacuum cleaners and the Bissell Big Green Complete Machine 7700 is one model that has attracted the attention of many consumers.

This review has been compiled in order to help the public identify the advantageous features of the Bissell Big Green 7700 as well as any disadvantages this appliance may have.

The goal is to give consumers real facts about this home appliance so they can make an informed decision about whether this vacuum is the best one for their needs.

Features of the Bissell Big Green Machine 7700

  • The Bissell Big Green Machine 7700 is a canister model cleaning system that provides convenience, power, and versatility.
  • Features a number of cleaning modes and a space saving design.
  • 3 total cleaning units in one appliance.
  • This Bissell vacuum is able to clean the rugs, floors and carpets, but it also is capable of much more. You can deep clean carpeting and upholstered furniture in your home, and you also are able to wash fully sealed floor surfaces.
  • The unit covers 2 square feet of floor space which means that it is very maneuverable and allows you more cleaning area when it is in use.
  • Convenient push button controls makes the Bissell Big Green 7700 vacuum easy to operate.
  • Bagless technology and a HEPA filter means better cleaning with less effort.
  • The collection tank can hold 1.3 gallons of dust and debris.
  • Built-in heating unit will increase the temperature of hot tap water by 25 degrees Fahrenheit for better cleaning
  • Illuminating headlight for working in those darker, out of the way areas that need to be cleaned

Other Features Include

  • Crevice tool attachment
  • Air Powered Turbo brush
  • Multi-surface floor tool
  • Dust brush
  • Deep carpet cleaning attachment
  • Drain cleaner attachment
  • Hard floor tool with a washable pad
  • 5″ brush attachment for removing ground in dirt on vinyl, tile, and sealed hardwood flooring
  • 18 foot cord with quick release feature, and an 8 foot reach for the upholstery hose
  • Wet/Dry tank for multiple cleaning challenges in a variety of environment settings

Advantages of a Bissell Big Green 7700

Bissell Big Green Machine 7700 attachmentsThe 3 stage filtration system contains dust, allergens and other pollutants with a triple hit of water, a foam filter, and a special HEPA Media filter. This allows users to clean the air and the flooring simultaneously.

Thanks to the Microban patented antibacterial system, the Bissell Big Green machine is able to prevent the growth of molds, mildew, and bacteria inside the vacuum.

High suction with the steam cleaning mode has resulted in faster drying times for carpets.

Specialized hard floor tool does a good job of cleaning laminates, tiles, vinyl and sealed hardwood flooring.

Consumers appreciate the machine’s multiple capabilities that include normal vacuum tasks, washing floors, and steam cleaning.

Disadvantages of Bissell Big Green 7700

The Big Green has proven less able to handle deep vacuum chores than some of the conventional vacuum models on the market. Complaints include water leaking from the tank.

Steam cleaning results have been described as adequate to very good, but for optimal results this cleaning must be done very slowly. Many customers do not appreciate the length of time involved to steam clean one room.

Best results with this vacuum/steam cleaner/floor washing device seem to be limited to small areas, bare floors, and area rugs.


Customer reviews are definitely mixed when it comes to the Bissell Big Green Machine 7700. The machine has earned an overall 3.5 out of 5 star rating from consumers and most are satisfied with its performance.

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