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Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaning Companies

While many carpet cleaning services exist, we have found various ways of choosing the best carpet cleaning companies to ensure consumers book a professional cleaner, and not just the cheapest one found.

Consumers can have a difficult time learning how to choose the best carpet cleaning company for their particular needs.

It seems there are many people that decide to start a carpet cleaning service with a piece of equipment, a service van and a few cleaning supplies, but this isn’t necessarily the best option to consider.

When you are considering going beyond renting carpet cleaning equipment or buying your own carpet steam cleaner, you need to be aware of the possible pitfalls of winding up with a bad service provider.

Carpet Cleaning Companies Advice Guide

Best Carpet Cleaning Companies

Using certified carpet cleaning companies is a good idea because they will have more training or experience and this can be important, depending on the materials your carpet might be made of.

In other words, if you have wool carpet that is subject to shrinkage or carpet that is unique and not color-fast, you need to consider whether the people cleaning it know what they are doing or your carpet will be ruined. In addition, you want their workers to be capable and the company to be fully insured and experienced, to help ensure you receive the best outcome.

When you are thinking about the best provider to clean your carpets, there are a few things you want to investigate:

  • When you are comparing one carpet cleaning company to another, you want to consider the cleaning methods they will use. If you are looking at truck-mounted hot water extraction or HWE methods, you don’t want to consider those that are going to bring in full-sized carpet cleaning extraction machines that have reservoirs, needing to be emptied in your bathtub. The experts in carpet cleaning will offer truck-mounted systems that won’t leave water puddles and messes in your home, because the last thing you want to do is clean up after the carpet cleaning service you select.
  • Do they have experience, training and are they certified? These are some of the requirements you should expect from anybody that will be cleaning your carpets. Don’t go on the assumption they know what they are doing because you can buy a hot water extraction carpet cleaner for a couple thousand dollars and start your own carpet cleaning service, nowadays.
  • The price seems to be the biggest comparison factor when people are comparing carpet cleaning companies, but if the price seems too low, there is probably a reason.
  • For those that want the best price, be sure you are comparing a number of factors. These include the equipment and method, the certifications and training, along with service and price competitiveness.
  • Be sure you read your carpet warranty, especially if you have had new carpet installed. There are some warranties that are voided, if you have your carpet cleaned by those that aren’t properly certified or recognized by the manufacturer. As an example, Shaw carpets are a large name in home and commercial carpet, but carpet cleaning is required to be done by IICRC certified providers, if you want your carpet warranty to be valid. You don’t want to be “penny-wise and pound-foolish.”
  • This leads to the bonding and insurance of the carpet cleaning companies you select from. You need to have evidence of insurance on the company because what if they slip and fall on wet carpet or on your other floors and sue you? Another thing to think about is the breakage clause of their policy because what if you have irreplaceable valuables that need to be moved, when your carpet is cleaned? You would hate to think about saving a few bucks on somebody that breaks an irreplaceable item, costing more than a thousand dollars, but it has happened. Be sure you are properly protected through their insurance and bonding, besides checking restrictions on your own homeowner insurance policy.
  • Have they got trained employees that know what they are doing? There are some companies that pay minimum wage to workers cleaning your carpet. They may have no training, experience or knowledge about your carpet, or any carpet. If you check references and reviews, you are likely to discover whether this is an issue to be concerned with or learn whether you have chosen one of the best in the carpet cleaning business.


In summary, choosing professional carpet cleaning services can seem complicated, but you want your carpet properly cleaned, with your carpet warranty in force and your valuable items undamaged.

If you do your homework to find the best carpet cleaning companies in your area to suit your needs, you will enjoy the benefits of cleaner carpet, but you can also enjoy peace of mind. It takes very little research to get the best results when it comes to cleaning your carpet!

You want to select the best carpet cleaning service that uses the right equipment and methods, has trained and certified employees and those that have favorable references, along with the proper insurance and bonding, regardless of price considerations.

Everybody is looking for the lowest price, but these other factors can be more important when comparing the best carpet cleaning companies!

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