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Carpet Cleaning Prices Guide

When choosing the best carpet cleaning service for your use it is worth having an awareness about carpet cleaning prices beforehand to make sure your receiving a fair quote, alongside a reputable company.

No matter how often you clean your carpet with carpet cleaning systems, there are times where it is a good idea to have a reputable company clean your carpet for you.

The important part is deciphering the honest and upright companies with experience from those who are only in it for the quick money.

Here is information about how the carpet cleaners operate, what they offer and what expectations you should have when enlisting their help in cleaning your carpets for that special occasion.

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Companies?

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important parts to keeping your home clean and presentable for family and guests because it is constantly being walked on and a lot of dust and dirt can accumulate without being noticed. This piles up and can harm the fibers of the carpet and the matting they are part of.

According to the best sources of carpet care, carpets should be professionally cleaned every year because this increases the life span of the carpet, if your not using your own home carpet cleaners.

It is estimated that carpeting a house is the third most expensive part; therefore it will pay to have it taken care of properly.

Most consumers, however, do not clean their carpet that often, only once in about seven years if the carpet lasts this length of time. This can be why carpet cleaning prices are hard to figure out.

The cost of carpet cleaning seems like a lot of money to shell out for a one time visit, but when you realize a carpet lasts over a decade when properly maintained and cleaned, it then makes sense to get it cleaned on a regular basis.

There are many carpet cleaning businesses and companies out there and this is where it pays to have some research under your belt before you pick up the cell phone to talk to one of them.

National companies are often backed up by the technical support and can give the local franchise owner advice as to problems they encounter.

Approximate Carpet Cleaning Cost And What It Includes

The costs of carpet cleaning not only includes the materials and water but the time it takes to set up and break down the equipment, as well as the time to clean the carpets in each room.

A carpet cleaner will have to spend as much time with a small carpeted area in set up and putting away tools as with a larger area to work in. In addition there is the moving of furniture if needed and transportation time allowed. All of these facts are part of the whole equation in figuring the carpet cleaner’s costs.

The cost per foot of carpet cleaning is around thirty cents for a square foot and a typical house has about a thousand feet of carpet, making the average cost around $300.00 for a visit.

If the carpet is only cleaned once or maybe twice in a seven year time period, the amount of money lost by both the consumer and carpet cleaner company will show up in increased carpet cleaning prices.

Carpet cleaning companies are often experienced in cleaning other areas of the house such as furniture and ductwork also. This is a good deal because when you combine all of those into a yearly visit, then the benefits to your family in reduced dust mites, dirt and allergens as well as the extended life of the carpet will be worth it.

Approximate Cost for A Household

The average 1,300 square foot home will cost about $180 to over $300 for nearly 980 square feet of carpeting, which typically comprises roughly three bedrooms, the hall, and living room.

If you have a larger house with more carpet, you can often check into getting a discount. Most carpet is chemically cleaned or steam cleaned and the prices are nearly the same; often this price does include the moving and replacement of light furniture.

The main difference when considering steam versus chemical cleaning is the drying time. With some steam cleaning, the carpet will remain damp for an extended period of time.

Carpet cleaning prices, like those for other services, vary if specialized areas or types of cleaning are needed.

Carpeted stairs are extra, as are woolen area rugs. One question to ask the carpet cleaning company is how long their quotes are good for as well as asking if they charge more to perform spot carpet cleaning in problem areas.

Checking Out The Carpet Cleaner Companies

Check out the carpet cleaning prices from the companies in your area and if in doubt as to which ones to select for your cleaning needs, go with the most reputable one, or even better a friend or family recommendation.

Check the Better Business Bureau if you have one in your town or the IICRC, and take a look at our guide to choosing the best carpet cleaning companies.

Remember you do not have to go with the first carpet cleaning cost estimate you run across online or in the yellow pages; there are usually a broad range of carpet cleaning prices and companies to choose from and a little research or calling around can save you good money.

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