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Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning Review

The Chem dry carpet cleaning company is one of the most popular carpet cleaner companies. However, are they worth the costs? And what are the advantages of using a Chem dry carpet cleaner?

Chem Dry Company Information

Chem Dry Carpet CleaningChem Dry Carpet Cleaners have 2500 locations all over the United States because they are a franchise carpet cleaning service. Their products and services leave your carpets cleaner and dry to walk on, within an hour.

Their website allows you to find the location nearest you by putting in your zip code, so you can see whether they operate near your home or business location.

The trained professionals will use Hot Carbonation Extraction, which is a proprietary cleaning solution that is cleaner and healthier.

Chem Dry carpet cleaning offers carpet and upholstery cleaning, stone, tile and grout cleaning, in addition to water damage restoration services, for homes and businesses.

Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • A Chem Dry Carpet Cleaner will use a carbonated-based cleaning solution that only involves one-tenth the moisture content of regular steam cleaning.
  • The way the carbonation works is that it bubbles the dirt, grime, stains, smells and debris from your carpet, without the use of harmful chemical solutions.
  • There doesn’t need to be a strong concentration of solution used because it is effective and this means there is less residue left behind.

Products Available:

There are a variety of products that you can take advantage of. Carpet deodorizers remove the organisms that live in your carpet and create odors.

Any pet urine, food, smoke or moldy smells can be eliminated and a fresh, cleaner smell is left behind. Chem Dry Carpet Cleaners offer apple-cinnamon, mulberry and wildflower scents.

For the tough spots, Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning offers “Razor”, which is a spot remover that quickly eliminates tough stains and the process uses a special absorbent pad to suck out the cleaning solution. Even the hardest-to-remove stains can be lifted and the process can be used on hard surface floors to thoroughly clean them.

P.U.R.T. is the technology and formula that Chem Dry Carpet Cleaner will use to attack pet urine smells and eliminate urine stains.

Hot water is used during the process, but the solution may take a day or two to break down the organisms that are causing the smell. Urine crystals are removed and your carpet can be restored without undergoing disaster restoration, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

Chem Dry Carpet Cleaners are capable of cleaning oriental rugs or large area rugs that are not color-fast.

For many people, these are carpets that cause concern because it is questionable whether steam cleaning will ruin the carpet.

You can have them give you a free analysis, because it can depend on the materials used in the construction of these carpets.


  • Each location is independently owned, meaning service levels could vary, based on ownership.
  • Some homeowners feel they could get the same results with their steam cleaner, if they had the right solutions to remove the tough stains.
  • Cost may be a factor because you might be able to buy a powerful home steam cleaner and get similar results.


Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning offers a proven process that is ecologically safe, without the use of harsh chemicals. This makes it perfect for those with babies that crawl on the floor.

If you are a pet owner, you can save your carpet by using Chem dry carpet cleaners and enjoy a fresher and cleaner smelling house in a short amount of time, saving the expense of carpet replacement.

Many consumers feel a Chem dry carpet cleaner is well-worth it for the restoration of their carpet and the fresher, cleaner smells after The Chem dry carpet cleaning has been completed.

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