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Woolite Carpet Cleaner Product Reviews

Woolite Carpet Cleaner ProductsWoolite cleaning products have been in the market for 30 years, but you might be most familiar with Woolite laundry products rather than its carpet cleaners.

In 2004 Bissell bought the rug and upholstery cleaning products line from Woolite for $62 million and added it to its product expansion efforts, making it an obvious fit for the home cleaning products line that Bissell already offers.

Our Woolite Carpet Cleaner product reviews analyze three of their most popular products: Rug Stick, Woolite Heavy Traffic Cleaner, and Woolite Oxy Deep Cleaner.

Overview Of Popular Woolite Carpet Cleaner Products

Woolite Oxy Deep Cleaner

Woolite Carpet Cleaner - Oxy Deep CleanerAs an oxygen-activated product, the Oxy Deep Spot and Stain product won’t harm your carpet’s fibers. There is no chlorine or bleach, making it a safer product to remove those mystery stains.

When properly used, you can spray a few squirts on the stain, let it penetrate the stain for a couple minutes, and rub the area gently with a damp cloth.

You simply allow it to dry and then vacuum up. You will likely see set-in stains vanish, but it doesn’t remove soy-based stains and dried blood, giving it some mixed reviews. You should still test for colorfastness before use.

Part of the reason for mixed user reviews of this Woolite carpet cleaner product seems to stem from the ability to remove a variety of stains but its inability to remove pet many stains, much to the disappointment of consumers that really need a pet stain formula.

Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner

Woolite Carpet Cleaner Review - Woolite Heavy Traffic FoamWoolite Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner is good for deep cleaning and protecting your carpets and rugs, especially in heavy traffic areas. Because it includes ScotchGuard 3M Protector, it protects while eliminating stains and tough odors to leave a fresh, clean-smelling room.

One can is capable of cleaning up to 170 square feet and it is gentle enough to be used on your finer wool, nylon, and acrylic carpet.

Actual users give it positive reviews because it’s easy to use and the new, improved Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner can get tough stains. You might expect to pay a little more than competitor products, but users think it’s worth it.

The Rug Stick

Woolite Carpet Cleaner Product Review - Rug StickThe Rug Stick can make cleaning high traffic areas easier, but you need to remember to shake the can often. You might have the best luck if you get the foam flowing freely by using a little force when you first bring it down onto the carpet to the start cleaning. There are some that say not a lot of foam comes out, regardless of how hard you push.

The Rug Stick is light-weight, self-contained, and easy to use. It is easy to assemble because you just have to snap the handle together and push the can of cleaner into a slot.

Don’t be surprised if you find it is a lot smaller than it looks on television. Some users have said it is more flimsy than they would have imagined, too.

The Rug Stick is around $12 from major retailers. This product is essentially an aerosol can holder tool to spare your back from hand scrubbing.

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