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Wagner Power Steamer Review

Most people that are familiar with Wagner products will associate them with painting products such as their wallpaper stripping models. However, they also produce powerful general steam cleaners for use in the home.

In this review we take a look at the Wagner power steamer model 905 to see what it has to offer.

Wagner Power Steamer Review and Features

Wagner Power SteamerWith the Wagner power steamer model 905, you get 45 minutes of continuous run-time and 1500 watts of power, which allows you to kill bacteria without chemicals. In addition to stripping wallpaper 20% quicker than other options, the light weight of 18 pounds makes it a portable option that offers ease of use. You get lots of extra attachments, which allow you to perform a multitude of tasks.

The affordable price gives you excellent value. In user reviews, most people were happy about the performance and cleaning abilities.

The Model 705 Wagner Steamer is a more affordable single-function steamer that also features 1500 watts of power, with a one gallon tank and 75 minutes run-time. It features an 11-foot steam hose and 6 foot power cord, but it is specifically designed for wallpaper removal and primarily used by those that concentrate on this type of decorating and remodeling work.

Pros Of The Wagner Power Steamer

Good value for the cost is a major benefit of this Wagner Power Steamer. The powerful continuous stream of steam allows you to get your cleaning or wallpaper stripping work done quickly.

Whether you are stripping wallpaper or cleaning away ten year old grime, you will enjoy the powerful 1500 watts and the 45 minute run-time and the ecologically safer and chemical-free cleaning ability.

Since the Model 905 Wagner Steam cleaner comes with a variety of cleaning tools, it is easy to handle all of the tasks you need to do around the house with this one convenient machine.

Cons Of The Wagner Power Steamer

Some users complained about the fact there is no carrying handle, which means you have to carry the unit around. Other complaints mention the long hose and long cord being cumbersome, but these can be benefits to some people that need to reach difficult places.

It was mentioned that some users only experienced about 20 minutes of run-time, but this might be due to the number of push-button operations and the use of the continual stream.

The main complaint was that the mopping head could be slightly larger and it could come with more cloths for mopping.

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