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Vax Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Vax carpet cleaner has been a popular choice of carpet cleaning machines within UK households. There are several features that make them popular in the United Kingdom and are making them more popular on a global scale.

Vax vacuum cleaners and carpet washers are 70% quieter than conventional cylinder style vacuums while still offering constant, powerful suction.

With cord rewind, you can store the power cord out of your way quickly and easily. They also have multiple cylinder technology, so you don’t lose suction as you clean. Their machines typically include warranties that are above industry standards as well. This offers maintenance-free ownership that gives you peace of mind.

Below we take a look at three of the most popular Vax carpet cleaner models to see what else sets them apart.

Vax V-125A All Terrain Upright Carpet Washer

Vax Carpet Cleaner V-125AThe Vax V-125A All Terrain Upright Carpet Washer is known as the machine capable of cleaning all kinds of floor surfaces.

Whether deep cleaning carpets or tidying hard floors, the V-125A features Dual V extraction and SpinScrub brushes, which allows you to clean your carpet efficiently and offers heated cleaning.

The hand tool also features SpinScrub brushes, which allows you to offer the same cleaning power to your stairs and upholstery as your carpet. The “Auto-mix” cleaning system delivers the right amounts of solution to proper amounts of water without any effort on your part.

With a 6 year guarantee, you enjoy maintenance free carpet cleaning for a reasonable price. The manufacturer’s list price is comparable to American-made carpet cleaners on this particular model.

Vax V-124A Dual V Upright

Vax Carpet Cleaner V-125AOffering comparable features to the V-125A Vax carpet washer, the 124A Dual V Upright is slightly less expensive. It offers the patented heated cleaning with twin air-path that is becoming more popular on many models of carpet cleaners.

It also features SpinScrub brushes to loosen ground-in dirt and debris, while cleaning every carpet fiber individually. This results in a much cleaner carpet.

It features the 6 year warranty that Vax Carpet Cleaners are famous for in addition.

This model was approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2010 and was voted the best floor care product by Independent Business Awards in 2009.

Vax Rapide Powerjet

Vax Carpet Cleaner Rapide PowerjetThe Vax vacuum cleaner and washer choices in the Rapide series offer great value because they can be used as a regular vacuum cleaner and a shampooer. You can enjoy powerful extraction with this machine whenever you need it.

Available in a variety of models, including the Rapide Spring Clean W91-RS-B-A, the Rapide Deluxe V-026RD, and Rapide Ultra W90-RU-B, this series is considered an innovative model series of Vax carpet washers that is offered as a total floor care option.

For the value-minded, there are plenty of choices to consider. All of these affordable machines and feature a 2 year warranty as well.

For those that are searching for a Vax vacuum cleaner that is capable of handling all their household carpet cleaning needs, this is the best solution.

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