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Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner Review

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner is a carpet cleaning company that is probably best known for the bright yellow service trucks that bear their name, although there are many people that still misspell the company’s name as Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaners, since they are known for steam cleaning carpets.

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner ReviewWhile they specialize in residential carpet cleaning, many of the franchises service commercial locations regularly. You would normally need to receive a customized quote, in these cases.

Company Information:

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner franchisees have been cleaning carpets for more than 60 years, growing to more than 300 franchise locations across 48 states.

From their origins in Columbus, Ohio, they have grown through offering a variety of services, while standing behind the services they offer with service and results guarantees.

While there have been recent publicity campaigns and special price advertising, findings of what consumers had to say might shed better light on the quality and service levels you can expect. For information on your local Stanley Carpet Cleaner franchise, you can enter your zip code at their corporate website, although they are commonly found in the major cities.

Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner – Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • The carpet cleaning equipment is truck-mounted and the only equipment that comes into your home is the actual hose and wand that are used to clean your carpet. This means they don’t leak water all over your home and there is no dirty water to be dumped down your drains.
  • They often run specials that make their prices lower than competitor prices for carpet cleaning. You can get price quotes on the corporate website by following the links and prompts. If you have special requirements, you might need to speak with your local franchisee, however.
  • The history of Stanley Carpet Cleaners includes their proprietary steam cleaning procedures, with franchise training for owners and service guarantees for quality assurance.
  • They are known for scheduling appointments and keeping them, which helps those that work outside the home. In addition, some of the franchisees will offer extended hours or after-hour services, to accommodate commercial customers.

Products and Services:

Regardless of the spelling, the company offers tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, leather cleaning, water damage restoration, air duct cleaning, hardwood floor refinishing and they can clean area rugs, cars, boats or install carpet, besides cleaning carpet.

Because they are franchise locations, Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaner has local representatives that operate their businesses with the proprietary steam cleaning techniques, cleaning formulas and equipment.

While the services and cleaning formulas are proprietary products and techniques come through franchise training, each location is responsible for their own office operations and the services they specialize in.


  • Because they are franchised locations, not all Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning locations are consistent with service levels and pricing. There have been some consumers that mention these problems, in customer reviews.
  • Often the management is the franchise-operators, which might leave little recourse for complaint-solving, without going to the corporate headquarters.
  • Because they offer discounted prices and have set time schedules, there are some customers that complain they go too fast and might not be as thorough as some competitors.
  • There might not be locations nearby and there might be limited choices, if your town only has one franchisee and you have experienced service problems with them, in the past.


Overall, Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaners is a well-established company that has proven methods and formulas for getting your carpet clean.

In addition, their techniques for steam-cleaning tile and grout can offer results that make your floor look like new.

As long as you have a good local franchisee, with trained staff and an emphasis on service, Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner will likely offer you the best value, in most cases.

The best way to find out about your local Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaner is to read unbiased reviews on independent websites because these show mixed results, depending on the location of the franchisee and their employees. Based on these findings, it might be that some companies offer competitive pricing and better customer service than your local Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner.

This is a case where most locations offer superb service and competitive pricing, but not in all locations.

(Note: We misspell Stanley Steemer on occasion for the convenience of visitors searching for information)

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