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Shark Ultra Steam Blaster Cleaner Review

Shark Ultra Steam Blaster Cleaner ReviewThe Shark Ultra Steam Blaster S3325 is a popular model that can make all of your household chores easier.

This Shark portable steam cleaner is great for steam cleaning tile, grout, glass shower doors, and mirrors, or for tackling hard water stains on kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Many people love the Shark Steam Blaster S3325 and all it can do, but some users mention slight difficulties.

With that in mind, we will look at some of the pros and cons of this machine with our Shark Ultra Steam Blaster Cleaner review below.

The Pros And Cons For The Shark Ultra Steam Blaster


  • The Shark Steam Blaster is perfect for the really messy jobs and is rated excellent in performance. Users like the clean mirrors and windows, and the way it cleans shower doors of soap scum and hard water stains.
  • It is fully-featured and includes all of the tools you need to tackle any cleaning job. You get a flat pad for floors, gentle and wire brushes, a diffuser, an angle tool, a concentrator and other onboard storage tools for all of your cleaning tasks.
  • In value ratings, the unit is appropriately priced, offering great value for the money. The quality of the machine’s components is similar to that seen in commercial machines offered at higher prices.
  • A steamer is a way to clean without harsh chemicals to get a clean and sanitary surface, whether it is a sticky finger-printed sliding glass door or a greasy-handled refrigerator door.


  • If you are searching for quick assembly, you need to have some patience for the water to heat up and a cool-down period is required for changing tools. You need allow about 10 minutes for each or you take the chance of melting some of the plastic tools, according to users.
  • Some users think the Shark Ultra Steam Blaster is too bulky for smaller jobs, although it takes some elbow grease for the heavy soiled areas. You may need to let the steam soak the grime to get it clean and you will find it leaves behind a substantial amount of water to be cleaned up, in certain cases.
  • Ease of use is rated average by actual users because of the setup and warm-up period. For this reason, you may want to clean several different things at once, when you are ready for a steam cleaning session.
  • Be sure to have plenty of paper towels on hand and be warned it can leak water on hardwood floors, potentially damaging them, if they aren’t sealed and capable of being steam cleaned.


The Shark Ultra Steam Blaster Model S3325, made by Euro-Pro is an effective way to get a sanitary clean with less scrubbing than traditional methods.

You can use the power of hot steam to remove many types of grime or dirt, including hard-water stains, soap scum, and sticky or greasy residues.

The price is affordable and comparable to other types of steam cleaners in this category.

The main downsides seem related to the ease of use and excessive water that is generated by the steam.

For those that are searching for a basic steam mop for tile floors, there might be an easier option. For those that want a multiple purpose steam cleaner, the Shark Steam Blaster S3325 is the perfect choice from the Shark portable steam cleaner range.

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