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Reviews Of Popular ProTeam Vacuums

ProTeam Vacuums Model Reviews

The ProTeam 1500XP is a popular upright commercial model.

ProTeam first opened for business in 1987. Since their inception this company has dedicated itself to designing and manufacturing the very best ergonomic commercial vacuums possible.

They were the first to invent the backpack vacuum which was an instant success and since have gone on to produce a line of commercial vacuums that include uprights, backpacks, hip style, canister, wet/dry cordless, and industry specific vacuum cleaners.

ProTeam vacuums have an outstanding reputation for being durable, high functioning commercial machines, and many come equipped with HEPA filters.

They constantly earn rating stars of 4 to 5 out of 5 stars from reviewers. So lets take a look at some of the best ProTeam vacuums that are available.

ProTeam 1500XP Vacuum

ProTeam Vacuums - ProTeam 1500XPThe ProTeam 1500XP Vacuum is an upright commercial vacuum that is designed for use in corporate offices, motels, and other businesses. It is the vacuum of choice for many commercial cleaning companies and has now found it’s way into many larger homes as well.

This ProTeam Vacuum has many features which include:

  • 50 foot, 18 gauge power cord
  • Weight of 17 pounds
  • Dual motor
  • Switches from carpet to hardwood floors with a flick of a switch
  • Floating L-shaped power head
  • Indicator light that tells you when the bag needs changing
  • 4 level HEPA filter system
  • Advanced power nozzle
  • Wide variety of attachments
  • Comes with a DVD manual

The 1500XP is designed to clean large areas where heavy traffic may be an issue. The L-shaped head makes it easier to clean under and around furniture without needing to constantly move objects. It has powerful suction, and the 50 foot long power cord means that you have to change plug in points far less often.

Interestingly enough, although this vacuum is designed for commercial use, most of the reviews are from those people who use this vacuum in their residences.

Pros of The 1500XP

The 1500 XP has earned 4.4 stars out of 5 from reviewers, so they clearly like it overall. Here is what the actual users liked about this vacuum:

  • Great on all types of floors and for picking up all types of dirt
  • Good at picking up pet hair regardless of how fine or how much there is
  • Great self-propel strength
  • Easy to use

Cons of the 1500XP

Here are some things users think could be improved;

  • Machine is top-heavy and unbalanced
  • 1500XP HEPA has low performance ratings
  • The handle is susceptible to breaking

ProTeam Super QuarterVac

ProTeam Vacuums - Super QuarterVacThe ProTeam Super QuarterVac is a backpack vacuum cleaner designed to clean commercial buildings of small to medium size. Like the 1500XP, though, it is finding its way into more and more homes.

The features of this ProTeam vacuum include:

  • 14 inch cleaning path
  • 10 pound weight
  • HEPA filtration
  • Easy to dispose of bags
  • Powerful suction
  • Variety of tools
  • 3 year warranty
  • Adjusting straps for better fit

Pros of The QuarterVac

Users rate this vacuum at 4 out of 5 stars. Here are some of the things they like about the ProTeam QuarterVac:

  • The adjustable straps made getting used to wearing a vacuum on the back easy and surprisingly comfortable. Users couldn’t believe how much energy they saved not having to push, pull and tug on a vacuum while cleaning.
  • The 50 foot power extension cord saved not only time, but made for less bending to plug and unplug the power cord as they cleaned.
  • The ProTeam Backpack QuarterVac made cleaning stairs a breeze and they loved the fact they didn’t have to try and balance a canister or upright vacuum on each step.
  • The backpack style vacuum cuts cleaning time considerably.

Cons of the QuarterVac

Here are some things that could be improved:

  • Replacement bags can be tricky to find
  • Accessories detach too easily
  • Power chord detaches from the canister at times during use

ProTeam Super CoachVac

ProTeam Vacuums - Super CoachVacThe ProTeam Super CoachVac is another backpack model by ProTeam vacuums that is designed for commercial use.

The Super CoachVac’s features include:

  • Variety of tools
  • Weight of 11 pounds
  • Bags that hold 10 quarts of dirt
  • HEPA filter
  • Runs quietly
  • Powerful suction

Pros of The Super CoachVac

The ProTeam Super CoachVac scores 4.6 out 5 stars from actual users who really find this machine well functioning and well built. Here are some aspects of the CoachVac that consumers like:

  • Excellent design
  • Sturdy
  • Great suction
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet

Cons of the Super CoachVac

Here are some aspects of the CoachVac that consumers do not like:

  • Power cord gets beat up quickly
  • Shoulder straps loosen while in use
  • Inconvenient to put on and off

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