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OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning Company Review

OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning company is a franchise operation, which uses the powerful cleaning principles of oxygen to lift stains and pet odors, yet the process leaves the carpet without sticky residues and dry, within an hour.

Known for being green and environmentally friendly, there are no harmful chemicals used. In our review of OXI Carpet Cleaning, we will examine the results you can expect.

Company History

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning LogoOXI Fresh is fairly new to the carpet cleaning franchise business, founded in 2006 by Jonathan Barnett. In the first year of operation, they gathered 21 franchises in 5 states.

By the end of 2007, the franchises had grown to 79 in 23 states and upholstery cleaning was added. By the end of 2009, a total of 193 franchises existed in 43 states and they introduced a CRM system, to revolutionize the scheduling and management of customers. This means your carpet cleaning job can be scheduled through the online service, 24/7.

The OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning company has been voted in the higher rankings by several operations, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Business Review and Franchise Times.

Through steady growth, franchises are doing well and their numbers are growing. Does this mean that the OXI Carpet Cleaners is one of the best carpet cleaning companies available?

The Pros and Cons Of OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning Franchises


Besides the online appointment scheduling, you get trained technicians that will search for stains to be pre-treated and analyzed for the best results.

Whether you are looking for rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning or specialized pet stain and odor removal, you get controlled amounts of powerful, yet safe cleaning solutions and very little water is needed, unlike hot water extraction. It still breaks up the stains, lifts them and leaves you with a deep-cleaned carpet that is almost dry and non-compressed for a newer appearance.

Because it is essentially dry-cleaning and your carpet doesn’t attract dirt and grime, since it doesn’t leave a residue behind, your carpeting will stay cleaner, longer.

You don’t experience wick-back, (where the stains in the pad are absorbed back to the rugs surface, much like a candle wick) because the carpets aren’t wet for more than 4 hours, which causes this condition. That is why many people worry about the stains coming back, with traditional hot water extraction.


There are very few consumer complaints about the OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning company, however, the few that can be found on various Internet websites seem to be related to particular franchisees with new employees that experienced equipment problems.

While the company admits there might be some “set-in” stains that can’t be removed, they seem to strive for satisfaction, offering additional services or discounts, when customers are dissatisfied.

The type of cleaning solution process might not be perfect for all types of carpeting, upholstery or area rugs, but this can be a common problem for any type of commercial carpet cleaning operation.


OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a fairly new company, but the franchisees are growing quickly. The more locations that are opened, the more likely there will be individual customers that might not be satisfied.

Considering the number of locations and employees the carpet cleaning company currently has, the complaints by customers are lower than other carpet cleaning businesses might be experiencing, making them a fairly safe bet.

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