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Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner Review

Oreck Dry Carpet CleanerWhile Oreck is best known for it’s vacuums and carpet cleaning machines, the company also produces a dry carpet cleaner that’s simple to use.

Oreck’s dry carpet cleaning system is designed to clean your carpet without the traditional wet shampooing or steam cleaning, but rather with a powdered solution.

Here is a little about Oreck’s dry carpet cleaning system and how it works.

What The Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner Kit Contains

The Oreck dry carpet cleaning system comes with everything you need to clean your carpet.

This includes:

  • 16 ounces of pre-mist soil release
  • 2 pound box of carpet cleaning powder
  • Brush applicator

You can buy a pre-mist solution and refills of the powdered solution separately.

How The Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner System Works

The Oreck dry carpet cleaner system is not difficult to use. You simply vacuum your carpet and blot wet areas or spills dry. You then spray a light coat of the pre-mist soil release on the carpet, if you’d like.

The pre-mist is supposed to begin loosening the dirt and soil from your carpet fibers and aids the dry powder “sponges,” which you next sprinkle on your carpet next to clean your carpet deep down.

Once the powder is sprinkled on your carpet you can then use the brush applicator or you can rent the Oreck dry carpet cleaner brush machine and scrub the powder into the carpet. You then allow the powder to soak up the dirt and odors and dry a process that takes about 45 minutes or longer.

At the end up the process you vacuum up the powder and the dirt comes up as well.

Pros And Cons Of Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner

Consumers report that Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner functions as described and it good for cleaning up small areas or spots. They also enjoy the lemon scent.

The only real complaint about the product is that it is not able to get rid of deeply ground-in stains; you will likely need a steamer to take care of those.

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