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Oreck Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

This Oreck commercial vacuum review takes into account the portable and lightweight needs of offices and hotels.

If you are thinking about purchasing an Oreck commercial vacuum because you have heard of their long-lasting durability, superior warranties with annual checkups, and their lightweight maneuverability, there are several choices to consider.

The Oreck XL series are some of the most popular vacuums for commercial use and there are many choices in that series, besides the popular Signature series and the easy-to use Pro Backpack series of Oreck vacuum cleaners.

Popular Oreck Commercial Vacuum Models

Oreck XL 2000 Commercial

Oreck Commercial Vacuum - XL 2000While there are different Oreck XL vacuum cleaner models to choose from, the Oreck XL 2000 commercial remains one of the most popular Commercial Vacuum cleaner models.

Not only does it include the HEPA filtration system, ergonomically designed Helping Hand handle and the 35 foot power cord for expanded cleaning range, but it offers multiple speeds, powerful suction and still only weighs 8 pounds.

This upright vacuum cleaner can adapt to cleaning hardwood or ceramic tile floors and carpeting, making it popular for today’s homes and businesses.

The XL2000 is one of the most affordable Oreck commercial vacuum cleaners. When you consider that this particular model is claimed to have an 18 year life expectancy with normal home use and regular maintenance, it is a good investment for commercial businesses, including hotels and restaurants for the price range.

Oreck XL Pro 14T

The Oreck XL Pro 14T is another popular Oreck XL Vacuum cleaner, featuring a 14 inch cleaning path, 9 foot telescoping wand and hose for high areas, 1000 watt dual motor that is quiet running and weighs around 19 pounds.

With a 50 foot power cord and the lay-flat capability, it makes it easier to clean under furniture and clean more space without unplugging.

It is popular in hotels, casinos and restaurants because of the wrap around bumpers and the easy maneuverability.

Oreck Pro Backpack

Oreck Commercial Vacuums - Pro BackpackThe Oreck Pro Backpack is the perfect solution for those that like the easy portability of a backpack vacuum cleaner.

In fact, those that vacuum large hotels or casinos will tell you that this is the only way to go, its features include; light weight at 10-12 pounds, 50 foot power cord, for increased cleaning range and the tapered design, which allows better airflow and efficiency.

The Oreck XL Pro Backpack comes with 5 tools that are contained in the ergonomically designed tool belt, for additional comfort and less back strain.

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