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Miele 251I Vacuum Review

Miele 251I Vacuum ReviewThe Miele 251I Vacuum is known to have a durable construction. It seems as though you would certainly have a cleaning unit that can handle any type of surface, like many Miele vacuum cleaner models we have reviewed.

This particular model is one of the highly popular S line vacuums. However, it is very true that all things are not what they seem, especially when we are talking about products that are being sold to consumers. In this review we hope to answer whether or not the Miele S251I Vacuum is long on hype or long on performance value.

Overview of the Miele 251I Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner is considered to be in the mid-range as far as price is concerned for a Miele machine.

The Miele 251I Vacuum features:

  • Vortex Motor with 1200 watts of power
  • 3.7 quart dust bag
  • Cord has an automatic rewind mechanism
  • Light indicates when bags need changing
  • Super Air Clean filter
  • Lightweight design for easy cleaning and maneuverability
  • Cleaning Radius of 30 feet in each direction
  • Storage Slots on the  side of this vacuum
  • Multiple cleaning tools
  • Powerbrush
  • Crush-proof hose
  • Furniture Nozzle and Crevice tool are integrated into the canister lid
  • 2-piece wand (non-telescoping design)
  • Variable dial adjusted Suction Control
  • Warranty – 7 years parts and labor on the motor

The Miele line is said to represent the finest name in quality household cleaning. The Miele 251I Vacuum has a number of features that would certainly seem to indicate it is a well constructed vacuum capable of tackling any cleaning chore you might demand.

Pros of the Miele S251I Vacuum

  • The powerful motor delivers adequate suction for many cleaning tasks
  • A variety of attachments helps cut household cleaning time
  • This vacuum is light and agile which makes it a joy to use around the home
  • Very quiet operation
  • Solid construction
  • Factory warranty that covers the motor for 7 years

Cons of the Miele S251I Vacuum

  • The required dust bags for the Miele 251I Vacuum can cost $5 and up, which is an added expense to take into consideration
  • The brushes are useful but attaching them to the unit is sometimes awkward
  • Lack of colors for the canisters, royal blue is nice but variety is better

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