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Kirby Sentria Vacuum Review

Kirby Sentria ReviewThe Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner is built as solid as any other vacuum, and has many useful functions.

When you are looking for a highly versatile, multi-function cleaning system, the Kirby Sentria vacuum is the perfect choice.

It is known as a total home care system that is capable of functioning as an upright, canister, carpet shampooer, and floor buffer in one complete system. You get a wide assortment of tools and attachments for any kind of task you need to do, including sanding, grinding, and polishing.

Below we go into detail about the machine’s performance and functions.

Company History

Kirby has been a household name since the 1920’s when the Cleveland-based company was founded. The distribution network of the Kirby Company is what sets them apart from other manufacturers because it was only through distributors and home appointments that you can purchase the machines.

The Sentria Vacuum is no different; it’s only available from the distributors or representatives that are authorized to sell them. Made from die-cast aluminum, Kirby vacuums offer versatility and longevity you won’t get from the plastic machines on the market.

The main disadvantage of the company is that the aggressive sales representatives can make the prices vary greatly, but on the other hand good negotiators can enjoy substantial savings.

Advantages of the Kirby Sentria Vacuum

As a complete home system, the Kirby Sentria features a wide assortment of attachments, HEPA filtration, TechDrive power assist, and a lightweight frame.

At 25 pounds, it offers a quick drying carpet shampooing process, easy conversion from an upright to a canister, and a floor buffer that allows you to provide expert care to your hard floor surfaces.

Little details like the LED headlight, toe touch cleaning height control, and the self-propulsion system add value to make your cleaning chores easier. The powerful suction and extreme versatility are the primary advantages to owning a Kirby Sentria vacuum.

Disadvantages of the Kirby Sentria Vacuum

The price is probably the biggest disadvantage of this model because you can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2700, depending on what type of deal you negotiate.

The first thing to consider is that you are getting several highly-effective appliances for this price, however. The other disadvantage that some people aren’t comfortable with is the 3 year warranty because there are some that think it should be longer.

The Kirby Sentria vacuum is all metal, meaning it is much less likely to experience breakdown than other machines, and there are many Kirby owners that have had their machines for 20 to 30 years.

Because you can’t buy the bags in the store, you need to go through a dealer, making this an inconvenient process, unless you stock up plenty of them at a time.


The Kirby Sentria vacuum is a heavy-duty machine that is capable of going from carpet to hard floors, without adjustment and you can sand, polish, grind and do all kinds of other things with the machine. Overall consumers are happy with this machine giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

Because you get incredible cleaning power and several cleaning machines rolled into one with the Kirby home care system, it is a recommended purchase for those that are able to negotiate the best price or find some of the second hand models that are listed on the Internet auction websites.

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