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Host Carpet Cleaner Review

Host Carpet Cleaner Kit

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit offers an affordable way to dry clean carpets in your home.

Host Carpet Cleaner is known for being a quick, fast, and easy way to dry clean carpet. It has gained popularity over the years for many reasons, including being safe for all types of carpet and its ability to remove mold and other allergens.

It is made by Racine Industries, a company founded in 1935 dedicated to manufacturing carpet cleaning materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for both people and animals.

In 1958 they introduced their Host Dry Carpet Cleaner product, and they remain at the top of the industry with that product today.

Below we delve into detail about the product, including how to use it, plus the pros and cons associated with use.

About The Host Carpet Cleaner Kit

The Host Carpet Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to clean your carpeting the kit includes:

  • 2.5 pound shaker pack of dry cleaner. This is the main cleaner that you sprinkle on your carpeting
  • 8 ounces of spot remover. To use on those set in stain and stubborn spots
  • Carpet brush — just attach a handle and use to scrub the carpet “sponges” into your carpet
  • Cleaning tip booklet that shows you the best way to use this product

How To Use Host Carpet Cleaner

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack

You can purchase the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack separately to refill your kit for your next cleaning.

You simply vacuum your floor and then treat the difficult stains with the spot remover. Then you sprinkle the contents of the shaker pack onto your carpet.

This cleaner looks a bit like saw dust but the company refers to the product as “sponges.” You then scrub the sponges into the carpeting using the carpet brush provided with the kit or by using the Host dry carpet cleaning machine. Allow to set for an hour or more, then simply vacuum up.

This carpet cleaner is made up of all natural plant material that is safe for both pets and people. It reduces dust mites, allergens, and mold spores in your carpeting and leaves it with a clean scent.

You can also purchase the a shaker pack separately from the kit and use it alone or to refill your shaker kit for your next carpet cleaning.

The Pros of Host Carpet Cleaner

Customers who have used this product report that it does a great job on their carpet.

Actual users give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. Here are some praises they had to say about the Host dry carpet cleaning kit:

  • No wet carpet
  • You can walk on the carpet when the cleaner is down and immediately after you have cleaned your carpet
  • Excellent at removing stains and odors one customer wrote: “I’ve used HOST for over 20 years…it’s been great for my carpets.”
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans natural fiber rugs that you can’t use wet cleaning methods on
  • All natural biodegradable ingredients

The Cons Of Host Carpet Cleaner

While most feedback on this product is positive, there are a couple of items reviewers think can be improved upon:

  • The product can be difficult to find
  • Somewhat messy
  • Clogs up some vacuum cleaners

Of the three disadvantages that consumers listed, the most problematic one is the difficulty in finding this product. However, there seems to be plenty of sites that sell the Host dry carpet cleaning kit online, and the official Host website does list distributors that handle their product.

As for the other two disadvantages some reviewers stated that using a wet/dry vac to do the initial vacuuming after using the Host dry carpet cleaner helps prevent clogs in your home vacuum and it does appear that dry carpet cleaning would be significantly messier than emptying those dirty buckets from traditional carpet cleaning.


Overall, the Host Carpet Cleaner Kit seems like a good alternative for those who can’t or prefer not to use traditional carpet cleaning methods. The fact that this cleaner is biodegradable and all-natural, making it safe for humans and animals, is a definite plus for those who want a healthy way to clean their carpet.

Users of this product indicate that it is both safe and effective, and certainly worth trying if you want a dry carpet cleaner.

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