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Dyson DCO7 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson DCO7 vacuum cleaner review reveals many positive advantages for using the Dyson DC07 Animal and All Floor for users home cleaning needs.

James Dyson was the inventor of the cyclonic vacuum, which is known for it’s ability to clean deep down into carpet. These machines are great at removing sand, pet hair, and other difficult to pick up dirt and debris.

He used the same technology with the Dyson DC07. However, does this vacuum measure up when put to the test? This Dyson DC07 review should answer the question.

Features Of The DCO7 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC07 Vacuum CleanerThe Dyson DC07 is a 12 amp vacuum designed to pick up dirt on bare floors and carpeting, making it an all around floor vacuum that should meet the needs of most home owners.

Here are some of its features:

  • Uses cyclonic design for deep cleaning
  • Bag free dust collection with emptying trigger
  • HEPA filter
  • Comes with a 17 foot hose, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery attachment
  • The Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner comes with a 5 year warranty
  • 35 foot power cord
  • Certified asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy foundation

The DCO7 Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with the standard features one would expect to find on most modern vacuums.

The real selling point of this vacuum is the cyclonic design which seems to blow other vacuums away due to its ability to pick up more dirt faster than most other vacuums.

What Users Say About The Dyson DCO7 Vacuum Cleaner

Finding unbiased reviews on the Dyson DCO7 vacuum cleaner is extremely easy. This vacuum seems to be very popular and does quite well in the ratings.

While ratings overall were quite high users saw some advantages and disadvantages to this vacuum that are worth noting.

Advantages Of The Dyson DC07 Vacuum Cleaner

Reviews of the Dyson DC07 found many advantages to this vacuum. These advantages include:

  • Asthma friendly certification
  • The power of this vacuum was the most frequently noted feature with users astonished at its ability to pick up dirt
  • Fast vacuuming
  • Well built

Reviewers of the DC07 also found that it was quiet to run, like the long 35 foot cord, and found it easy to maneuver despite its weight.

Disadvantages Of The Dyson DCO7 Vacuum Cleaner

Of course not everyone who has owned a Dyson DC07 was thrilled with their purchase and these reviewers were quick to point out what they considered were disadvantages of the vacuum. These disadvantages include:

  • Price. Many reviewers found that the Dyson DCO7 vacuum cleaner was high priced, even those who liked the vacuum
  • Not good on area rugs. As one reviewer put it if you have a lot of small area rugs this vacuum “will try to eat them up.”
  • Clutch problem. Two or three reviewers noted that they had to have their clutch repaired during the first couple of years of use
  • Stiff hose. Many users found the hose on the DCO7 vacuum cleaner stiff making it awkward to use

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