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Dyson DC28 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC28The Dyson DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum is a popular model for pet owners, made by the company that is known for their patented processes, including cyclonic cleaning action.

In the DC28 animal vacuum cleaner review, we will look at what makes this machine so special.

When James Dyson drove by the sawdust cyclone at a local lumberyard, the brainstorm for a better vacuum was created.

There have been many innovations since the original DC-1 model, with each innovation spurring a subsequent model number. Other well-known innovations include the “ball”, for easier maneuvering, but the cyclonic cleaning action is something found in all of the models of Dyson vacuum cleaners, with the DC28 being no exception.

Advantages of the Dyson DC28

The suction ability is the primary advantage that most users will mention. The motorized head and powerful beater brush means you only need to go over floors once, saving time and energy. While it is powerful for picking up dog and cat hair, the dirt collection cup is easy to pop off and dump, as well.

It is a quiet running machine, with a long lasting warranty and nothing to replace. You get HEPA filtration, with a washable filter and a 5 year warranty.

The different carpet level settings and the wide array of attachments allow you to get to a variety of hard-to-reach places. It’s very efficient on picking up pet hair without getting clogged.

It offers optimal performance and a 35 foot cord, making you able to clean a large area, with minimal effort. In addition, you get a telescoping handle with a 17 foot vacuum hose that is designed for cleaning the stairs, yet capable of reaching the higher places and behind furniture.

Disadvantages of the DC28 Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Most consumers complain about the price, which can set you back five to six hundred dollars. For others, this is worth it because you get everything you need for superb floor and total home cleaning, whether cleaning bare floors, low, medium or high pile carpets, ceilings, stairs or furniture. In fact, with the attachments, you can clean the whole staircase without moving the machine, clean your furniture, crevices or clean the soft fuzz off the bottom of your delicate surfaces.

Some of the parts are plastic, which some users think make the machine look cheap. Because of the five year warranty and the durable construction, repairs are not a real issue, however.

The weight is a little heavier than some other models, but most people don’t really think that it is hard to maneuver. Some people complain about storage of the extra attachments, because there isn’t enough space for the onboard tools.

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