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Dyson DC25 Vacuum Review

Dyson DC25 Ball Upright Vacuum CleanerThis Dyson DC25 vacuum review includes both types of Dyson DC25 models: the animal or pet-owners model and the standard vacuum cleaner.

When comparing the models of Dyson vacuum cleaners, it helps to know that each model benefits from the continuing innovations in “better cleaning” that are offered by Dyson.

The Dyson DC25 comes from a long heritage of innovative vacuum cleaners made by Dyson. Lets look into the features of these models.

Features Of The Dyson DC25 Models

There are several technologies that set Dyson vacuum cleaners apart from the competition. The easy maneuverability that is offered with “Ball technology”, the “Cyclone technology” that offers continuous and powerful suction, along with telescoping wands, make cleaning easy and effective in Dyson machines.

When you consider the Dyson “animal” versions, which are specifically designed for those that have pet hair problems, the Dyson vacuum cleaners offer more benefits than competitors on the market.

While Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for inventive and innovative improvements in cleaning, the specific models address specific problems most commonly encountered.

Each new Dyson model culminates into the ultimate carpet cleaning machines, including those that have pet hair problems and different floor surface.

What Are The Advantages Of The Dyson DC25?

  • You get the powerful motor that offers the suction you need to take care of pet hair problems
  • The exclusive and patented “ball” design allows easy maneuverability
  • The high speed brush rollers are easily controllable
  • The washable, lifetime HEPA filter eliminates dust mites and pet dander, which benefits the allergy sufferers in the household
  • The telescoping hose and cleaning wand allow you to reach the high places, with minimal inconvenience
  • No belts or bags, and it works great – right out of the box, according to verified users

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Dyson DC25?

Some people are concerned about the plastic parts on the machine, but they are minimal. Other users mention it takes some adjustment for proper steering of the “ball”, when they are adapting from their previous vacuum.

While it is high-priced, it does offer a generous warranty of 5 years for less maintenance.
Some users claim it is not as lightweight as their current economy vacuum, but obviously, the powerful suction makes up for this problem.

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