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Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner ReviewThe Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner is commonly known as one of the original “ball” vacuums, made by Dyson, with the signature Root Cyclone technology that has made them an innovator in vacuums.

The history of Dyson is based on innovations such as those you will find in the DC15 Dyson vacuum cleaner model, also referred to as an “animal” model because of the powerful suction to clean pet hair.

The company started the DC model line at 1, and added innovations along the way to create a bag-less and clog-free vacuum model. Several years, innovations, and models later, cyclone technology and the Dyson DC15 were born.

Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner Features

Root Cyclone Technology provides powerful suction, while the Dyson “ball” provides easy maneuverability. This is one of the leading features found in the Dyson DC15 vacuum cleaner.

The patented design allows easier navigation around furniture and closer cleaning around obstacles, and the Dyson ball also features the lifetime HEPA filtration system. The pre-motor HEPA filter removes allergens, dust, mold, bacteria, and animal dander.

The post-motor HEPA removes carbon emissions, which is responsible for the “vacuum cleaner” smell you encounter with other vacuums.

The telescoping wand reaches high places and the 37 foot power cord means you don’t have to unplug and re-plug in each room. Continuous suction is maintained, no matter what type of surface you are cleaning, including drapes and upholstery.

Even the high-reaching telescoping wand and attachments feature the continuous suction because of the Root Cyclone Technology.

Pros Of The Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner

Users love the easy navigation and the automatic adjustment internal system, which self-adjusts to the cleaning height needed, based on the carpet height. Because there is a simple one touch control for turning the brush bar off, it is simple to move from hardwood flooring to carpeted rooms without stopping to change attachments. Re-plugging is not often necessary because of the extra long cord or make any other adjustments.

Excellent pet hair cleaning is part of the benefits of the clog-free Cyclone Technology. The HEPA filtration makes vacuuming easy for those that have allergy sufferers in the household.

It is a quieter running vacuum that has the extending and retracting handle for easier cleaning in high places and easier storage.

The incredible features and durability of the product are what many users like about the cleaning experience that takes less time and offers less maintenance.

No bags, no clogs, no filters to buy and simple operation are all features that fall under this category.

Cons Of The Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner

The cost of the machine is pricey compared to traditional models. You can expect to pay around $600 for a Dyson DC15 vacuum cleaner. However, you should consider the prices of HEPA filters, bags, belts and other parts, when comparing competitor models.

The lower wattage of the Dyson DC15 might indicate less power to some users, as other Dysons provide more wattage than the DC15. The lightweight maneuverability of the DC15 is partly the reason. The tradeoff is that you get better energy efficiency with this model.

Anybody that has area rugs to clean might not like using the Dyson DC15 to clean them. The reason is that the brush bars need to be engaged to provide enough cleaning because the suction might not be powerful enough alone, but the rug can get “sucked” into the brush bar. Some rugs can get holes, frays, or runs.

The Dyson DC15 is not the newest model of Dyson available, but it is still one of the most popular, if you can find it.

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