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Capture Carpet Cleaner Review

Capture Carpet Cleaner

The Capture Carpet Cleaner Kit has everything that you need to dry clean your carpet.

Capture’s carpet cleaner product line is a hit with many consumers in comparison to other dry carpet cleaning brands, so we took a look at the effectiveness of Capture dry carpet cleaner to see what makes it popular.

So what is Capture dry carpet cleaner? It’s a lemon scented powder carpet cleaner that you simply sprinkle on your carpet, brush, allow to dry, and then vacuum up.

This carpet cleaner is sold in a sprinkle canister by itself as well as in the bucket form in the Capture dry carpet cleaner kit.

Although most people find that the sprinkle canister allows them to control how much powder goes on their rug better than using the bucket, the kit includes everything you need to completely clean 250 square feet of carpeting.

About The Capture Carpet Cleaner Kit

The capture carpet cleaner kit contains everything you need to clean your carpet effectively including a 16 ounce bottle of soil release pre-mist, a 2.5 pound bucket of dry carpet cleaner,
and a carpet brush.

How To Clean Your Carpet Using the Capture Carpet Cleaner Kit

Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner Bucket

You can purchase Capture carpet cleaner alone or as part of the kit.

Cleaning your carpet with the Capture dry carpet cleaner kit is easy. You simply vacuum your carpet, then use the soil release spray to loosen ground in dirt. Sprinkle the dry carpet cleaner on the area you want to treat and brush it in, then let the cleaner sit until it dries. Lastly vacuum the area with a good, powerful vacuum cleaner.

If your carpets do not get a lot of stains or you clean them regularly you can simply use the dry carpet cleaner by itself to maintain your carpets and keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Consumers who use Capture dry carpet cleaner like it overall, giving it a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Most found it a good alternative to steam cleaning their carpets and liked the fact that their carpets did not require hours of drying time.


Here are some of the things consumers like about using Capture carpet cleaner:

  • Easy to apply (although most consumers found applying the powder from the bucket more difficult than from the canister that is sold separately)
  • Fresh aroma
  • Excellent cleaning
  • No waiting for floor to dry
  • Reasonably priced
  • Although several reviewers stated that Capture did not clean their carpets as well as steam cleaning did, most admitted it was close and when the carpets had little soil the difference was not noticeable.


There are a few disadvantages with using this dry carpet cleaner, some of which seem to be part of using dry carpet cleaners in general. These include:

  • Fine powder is difficult to vacuum
  • Clogs vacuum filters
  • Hard to find this product
  • No list of chemicals used in this product

Of the disadvantages that consumers listed for Capture dry carpet cleaner the most worrisome is that it is difficult, if not impossible, to discover what chemicals this product contains.

For those who have allergies, asthma, or simply want to go as green as possible, this omission may cause them to avoid using this product.

The Capture carpet cleaner product does an excellent job of cleaning carpets and gets excellent reviews overall. It seems to do everything it promises to do and leaves behind a nice, clean, lemony scent as well.

Users find it easy to use and especially like the fact that their carpets vacuum up dry with no wet spots or sticky residue left behind.

However, some potential customers may have an issue with the fact that the company does not detail what chemicals they use in Capture dry carpet cleaner making it difficult to know if this product may affect those suffering from asthma or allergies. Other than this issue this seems like a worthwhile product worth trying for those people who want to use a dry carpet cleaner rather than a more traditional carpet cleaner.

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