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Bissell Stick Vacuum Cleaners Review And Comparisons

Bissell stick vacuum cleaners are lightweight Bissell machines designed for quick home cleaning jobs.

For those of you who are looking for a stick vacuum and nothing but a Bissell will do, there are several such vacuums to choose from.

However, finding the right one can be difficult without actually seeing a side by side review of each vacuum. In order to make your choice easier, here is a brief review of three of the best selling Bissell stick vacuums: The 3106A, the 76T8, and 31063.

Features of The 3106A and The 31063 Featherlight Stick Vacuum

Bissell Stick Vacuum CleanersThe features of the 3106a and the 31063 Bissell stick vacuum cleaners are are pretty much the same, and both have the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Bagless
  • Converts from floor to hand vacuum
  • Cleans bare floors, low pile carpet, upholstery, and stairs

There really isn’t too much difference in these two stick vacuums as they have the same basic features and both are designed for those quick pick up jobs.

Even reviews on these two Bissell Stick vacuums are close to identical. Here is what reviewers liked and didn’t like about the 3106A and the 31063.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the 3106A and 31063

There were several things about these two lightweight vacuums that users liked. The advantages included:

  • Nice power
  • Light weight
  • The ability to convert from floor vacuum to light vacuum
  • Picks up kitty litter well- This comment was made solely for the 31063 Bissell stick vacuum reviews For the 3106A claimed that kitty litter did not pick up well using this vacuum
  • Inexpensive

There were also some things that users did not like about either of these Bissell featherlight models. Here are some of the noted disadvantages users found:

  • You have to clean the filter by hand- several users made reference to how disgusting they felt having to pull off dog hair and dirt by hand
  • Too short a cord
  • They didn’t work well on carpets

Overall reviews for the 3106A and the 31053 were good with both vacuums rating 4 out of 5 stars. For those of you who are looking for an inexpensive stick vacuum for that occasional clean up job then either of these vacuums will probably do the trick.

Purchasing a cheap soft bristled brush can resolve the problem of having to clean the filter by hand.

Features Of The Bissell 76T8 Stick Vacuum

Bissell Stick Vacuum - 76T8 StickThe 76T8 Bissell stick vacuum cleaner also known as the the 76T8 Bissell barefloor vacuum is a more substantial stick vacuum than the featherlights, weighing twice as much and selling for substantially more.

It also has a few added features which makes it interesting. Here are some of the features of the Bissell 76T8:

  • 12 Amp motor
  • Bare floor and low pile carpet vacuum
  • V shaped base for Edge to Edge Cleaning
  • Swivel head

76T8 Bissell Vacuum Advantages and Disadvantages

Reviews for the 76T8 Bissell stick vacuum cleaner are mixed with this vacuum only scoring 3.5 stars out of 5 while many users really loved this stick vacuum just as many found it cumbersome and ineffectual. Here are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of this vacuum.

Advantages Of The 76T8

  • Vacuums around tables and chairs easily
  • Easy to put together
  • Good on bare floors- almost all reviews mentioned that these Bissell stick vacuum cleaners did an excellent job on bare floors. It was something that almost everyone agreed upon.
  • Good power
  • V shape pushes dirt to the center of the vacuum where the strongest suction is

While the advantages of this vacuum makes it attractive some of the disadvantages that users found with this vacuum makes it seem less so.

Disadvantages Of The 76T8

  • Not at all good on carpets even carpets with low pile. Just as most reviewers agreed that this vacuum was great on bare floors most also agreed that despite it’s claim that it could be used on low pile carpeting it did not perform well.
  • Short cord
  • Extremely noisy
  • Top heavy- several users complained that this vacuum was top heavy which made it constantly tip over and hit the floor which caused damage to the vacuum which often was irreparable

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