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Bissell Little Green Proheat Review

Bissell Little Green ProHeat

The Bissell Little Green ProHeat is perfect for small jobs in tight spaces.

Bissell has been developing innovative cleaning tools since the late 1800s. Since their early history in carpet sweepers, the company has expanded into deep cleaning carpet machines, including the current products that include built-in heaters to optimize performance.

The Little Green ProHeat series features design improvements, but the primary difference is the cleaning tools and formulas that come with the models, designed to enhance particular types of cleaning situations.

Features of the Bissell Little Green ProHeat include:

  • Built-in heaters that heat tap water up to 25 degrees
  • A one step process that sprays, suctions and dries
  • Handy tools so you can reach the hard-to-reach areas
  • A weight of 13 pounds, so they are portable and easy to store
  • 9 amps of power and a 15 foot cord.
  • Tools vary, depending on model, but they are perfect for cleaning your carpet, upholstery, auto, stairs and pet messes can be easily cleaned with the models specifically designed for improved results
  • Little Green advanced cleaning formulas to match particular tasks
  • 3 inch stain tool and the multi-use turbo brush with each model
  • A one year warranty and affordable price around $100 is standard on all models of the Bissell Little Green machine 1425

Bissell Little Green ProHeat Pros and Cons

Bissell Little Green ProHeat ReviewOf course each carpet cleaning machine including the Bissell portable carpet cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages; lets take a look at these.


  • Affordable price and good product value, some users report 10 years of use
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to store anywhere
  • Great suction power for little jobs and they work great for pet messes
  • Specialty tools to help reach the places that are hard to steam clean any other way
  • Your first batch of Little Green cleaning formula is included with purchase, so you can take it out of the box and start cleaning up your stains and spills


  • Water sprayer frequently clogs
  • Some users have to take their machines in for repair

Because there are different models of Bissell Little Green ProHeat, it can be confusing for some consumers, but the 14259 and 1425B seem to be the most popular for regular purposes.


All the Bissell Little Green ProHeat portable carpet cleaners are affordable and function well.

Despite the clogging problems mentioned, proper cleaning of the portable carpet cleaner machines can eliminate these minor issues, unless there are parts that need replaced. Additionally, the one year warranty offers reliable protection.

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