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Bissell Flip It Review

The Bissell Flip It from the Bissell floor cleaner range includes the 5200 Bare Floor model and the Select 7430. They are known to be reasonably priced, but do they perform?

The Bissell company is known for manufacturing floor and carpet cleaners that meet the special needs of home owners today. They have a very good reputation for being useful to pet owners and allergy sufferers.

The Bissell Flip It hard floor cleaner is designed for busy families that may find they have limited space to store that vacuum, dust pan, broom, mop, and bucket by making a combined floor cleaner that does it all.

The Bissel Flip It 5200 Cleaner

Bissell Flip It - 5200This Bissell cleaner it is an upright floor cleaner that vacuums like a stick vacuum. It can also wet vac and dry your floor providing complete cleaning with one little 8 pound machine.

Here are some of the other features that makes the Bissell Flip It 5200 unique:

  • Two mopping heads a soft brush for cleaning tile and grout and a soft pad for those more delicate wood floors
  • Mopping pads are machine washable
  • 22 foot cord
  • Finger tip dispensing of the cleaning solution

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Bissel Flip It 5200

There were a lot of reviews to be found on the Bissell 5200, so the idea of floor cleaner that could do multiple tasks has proved appealing to many people in today’s busy environment. However, the 5200 Bissell floor cleaner only seemed to score average marks.

Interestingly enough this floor cleaner seemed to score highest with people who had used other similar products by other companies while scoring quite low with those who purchased the 5200 as their first multiple cleaning machine. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that those reviewers saw in the 5200 model.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Great cleaning ability, several reviewers really liked the way the 5200 cleaned dirt and grim from their floors

Many reviewers liked the light weight of the 5200 one reviewer stated that now that they were in their 70s they needed something they could push around and that would clean and the 5200 Bissell cleaner met all her needs.


Almost all users even those who liked and recommended the Bissell 5200 did find that the 3 AMP suction for the dry vacuum simply wasn’t enough for really dirty floors.

While this vacuum was fine on floors that did not have a lot debris there was simply not enough suction power to really clean up messes.

Mixed Remarks

The Bissell Flip It 5200 also seemed to get mixed reviews on it’s ability to dry the floor after wet vacuuming while most users felt that the 5200 did an excellent job of drying floors others felt that this machine left damp streaks and even what they described as puddles.

The Bissell Flip It Select 7340

Bissell Flip It Select 7340The Bissell Flip It Select 7340 has most of the same features as the 5200. It too is an upright multifunctional floor cleaner with finger tip control of the cleaning dispenser and both a brush and machine washable pad for wet cleaning the floors. However, the 7340 has added one great feature which is a water heater to heat the floor cleaning water to help soak up those dirty and sticky areas that tap water simply can’t get clean.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Bissell Flip It 7340

Like the 5200, the 7340 Bissell hard floor cleaner has gotten mixed reviews. While many users find this little machine one of the best items they have ever purchased others have found it to be less than what they expected.

Here are some of the features and functions that reviewers liked and disliked about the 7340 Bissell cleaner.


Reviewers who liked the Bissell 7340 cleaner saw many advantages to using this handy little floor cleaner. Here are some of the things they really liked:

  • Separate tank for clean and dirty water. Several reviewers mentioned that they liked the fact that they were not putting dirty water back on their floors
  • Great cleaning, almost all the people who like the 7340 cited it’s ability to get their floors clean as a reason for liking it
  • Other reviewers liked the heater and especially liked the fact that they had an option of whether or not to use the heater when cleaning their floor


Reviewers who did not like the Bissell Flip It 7340 had two main complaints about this model:

  • Difficult to push
  • Weak vacuum power

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