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Bissell Easy Vac Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Bissell Easy Vac is an inexpensive vacuum cleaner that is lightweight in design and is budget friendly.

Bissell has earned a fine reputation for providing consumers with quality products at affordable prices. However, their Easy Vacs seem to have been proven to be the exception to the rule.

While the Bissell 3108 and 3130 are certainly inexpensive to buy, they also seem to be cheaply made. Here is a look at these two Bissell Easy Vacs and their advantages and disadvantages.

The Bissel Easy Vac 3108

Bissell Easy Vac 3108The 3108 Bissell Easy Vac cleaner has been discontinued but, there are still plenty on the market to be purchased. The features of the Bissell 3108 include:

  • 6 amp 2 motor system. One motor provides suction the other turns the rollers on the vacuums floor brush
  • Floor brush can be turned on for carpet off for wood floors
  • Light weight
  • Detachable canister and on board tools. The detachable canister allows for hand cleaning
    bagless dirt collector cup

Advantages of the Bissell Easy Vac 3108

  • Good suction for a 6 amp motor
  • Light weight

Disadvantages of the Bissell Easy Vac 3108

  • Dirt cup is messy to empty
  • Extremely loud noise factor
  • Extremely short cord

Reviewers were divided on how well the Bissell 3108 easy vac actually picked up dirt. Some reviewers felt that the suction on this little vacuum was amazing while others felt that it had little pick up ability.

The Bissell Easy Vac 3130

The Bissell Easy Vac 3130 has a few additional features compared with the older Bissell 3108, but overall it seems to be just a newer version of the older easy vac. The features of the 3130 Bissell Easy Vac are:

  • 7 amps of power
  • Light weight
  • Rotating brushes
  • HEPA filter
  • Bagless cup
  • 3 attachments

Like the Bissell 3108 the Bissell 3130 Easy Vacuum score 3 out of 5 stars and lower on most websites.

While there were some things consumers liked about the Bissell 3130 there were several things they disliked as well. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3130 Bissell Easy Vac cleaner.

Advantages Of The Bissell Easy Vac 3130

  • Good suction for the amount of amps
  • Surprisingly good on pet hair
  • Hose that could be attached to do upholstery
  • Light weight
  • Great price

Disadvantages Of The Bissell Easy Vac 3130

  • Cheaply made many plastic parts that break easily
  • Dirt escapes the cup back into the air
  • Won’t pick up large particles of dirt

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