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Beam Vacuum Cleaners Report, Review, And Information Guide

Beam Vacuum Cleaners - Central Vac Hose

Beam Vacuum Cleaners use a central vac system, making use of outlets in your home and this lightweight vacuum hose.

We review Beam vacuum cleaners and provide an explanation of how they operate, which may be a new approach for those that have never heard of these powerful types of vacuums.

You have heard of and have probably used central heating and central air conditioning. Well, now you can own and have central vacuum cleaning as well.

Although many people may not yet have heard of central vacuum cleaning, the Beam manufacturing company, which is part of Electrolux central vacuum systems, has been designing and manufacturing central vacuuming for about 60 years.

In 1957 the company went from manufacturing a number of products to focusing solely on developing and manufacturing central vacuuming systems.

The decision to concentrate on one type of product resulted in improvements in earlier systems and a new modern system that can remove 100% of all contact dirt and pollens from normal living spaces.

Not only can new homes be built with the vacuuming system installed but 95% of existing homes can also have them installed.

What In The World Is Central Vacuuming?

Central vacuuming like central air conditioning or central heating. It has the main part of the vacuum, which is the vacuum tank itself and the dust collected, located in a set location (attic, attached garage, basement or utility room) with hoses running from the main vac to various rooms in your home through the walls and ending in outlets for the hose. This allows you to easily plug in to clean any room in your home.

How Does A Beam Central Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Outlets like this are used with the Beam central vacuum system.

Outlets like this are used with the Beam central vacuum system.

Using the Beam system is easy. You simply carry the lightweight hose to the room you want to vacuum and hook it into the hose outlet. You then turn the hose on, which starts it working, and you can clean like you normally would.

The hose is extremely long so you won’t have to do a lot of plugging and unplugging as it sucks up the dirt it runs through the hoses and gets deposited into the dust holder connected to the vacuum part of the system in a distant location.

There is even a part of the system called a kick sweep, which allows you to sweep spilled dirt to a little door near the floor. Then the dirt is sucked up automatically and deposited in the dust bin.

Features of The Central Vacuum System

  • The central vacuum system has 5 times more suction power than most conventional vacs
  • There are no messy bags to change and the dust only needs to emptied out around 3 times a year
  • Research shows that they can reduce allergy symptoms up to 61%
  • They use a sound reducing technology which makes for less noise level
  • Variety of extra tool kits you can order for cleaning your car and even grooming your pets
  • Can be built right into newer homes and even into most older homes
  • Uses a HEPA filter system and all dirt is carried away from the living area making for clean air in the main part of your home
  • Works on all types of floor surfaces as well as drapes, upholstery ceiling fans and just about any other surface you can think of

The central vacuuming system seems like a great idea. There is no heavy weight to carry up and down stairs, just the lightweight hose.

Outlets are placed to make it easy to clean your entire house and prospects of having cleaner air in the living area is great as is having more powerful suction to get the dirt out of that long pile carpeting.

Benefits of the Beam Vacuum Cleaners System

Here are some of the benefits Beam Vacuum Cleaners have to offer:

  • Self cleaning filter which means there is no messy brushing or rinsing of the filters
  • Materials used in the unit itself are made from highly durable material and the dust bucket is treated to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Quieter than most, plus the motor is always in another room further reducing noise
  • No more carrying a heavy vacuum up and down stairs
  • No more plugging and unplugging short cords in order to clean a single room

Drawbacks of the Beam Vacuum Cleaners System

There are a couple of drawbacks to implementing Beam Vacuum Cleaners. These include:

  • While they can be installed in most older homes, there are some homes in which they cannot be installed in
  • While the system is no more expensive than having central heating or air conditioning installed, it is far more expensive than most ordinary vacuum cleaners which may place it outside some people’s budget
  • Repairs could also be expensive if something goes wrong

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