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Kirby Vacuum Scam Or Not?

Is there a Kirby vacuum scam or not? We took a look at many of the opinions on what people call a scam involving Kirby vacuums.

If you are searching for whether the Kirby Vacuums Scam exists or not, it helps to look at actual consumer complaints on the Internet, because you can only go by what others are saying.

There seems to be 2 sides to the Vacuum Scam complaints, but they mainly center on poor sales tactics used by some distributors, when dealing with the public in sales or in the recruitment of the door-to-door sales people.

First Part Of What People Call The Kirby Scam

Kirby Vacuum Scam

One part of the Kirby Scam stems from people that believe they have won a “free” carpet cleaning, which is actually a “pre-set” appointment. What they end up with is a demonstration to be sold a Kirby vacuum cleaner, with aggressive sales tactics and lofty prices.

While salespeople say the appointment might take an hour, there are times up to four hours reported, with the salesperson getting rude when you decide not to purchase. Prices can be quoted as high as $2300 to start, but the salesperson might move as low as $800 in price, if enough resistance is given.

Second Part Of What People Call The Kirby Vacuum Scam

The other part of the Kirby Vacuum Scam comes from recruitment of salespersons, with promises of $1650 per month salary with no experience and paid company training.

What happens when they are recruited is a three day training lesson in high-pressure sales tactics, according to some disgruntled recruits. After the training is when they learn they must demonstrate Kirby vacuums 60 times in a month to make the salary.

What actual recruits near Lake City, Florida reported is that 100 filter pads had to be used for a demonstration to count and that they were to use the customer’s phones to call their supervisors to be picked up, ask questions or to negotiate prices.

The door-to-door recruits would get dropped off by the supervisor, who would go miles away and not return for hours. There are no breaks or lunches and as a sales recruit, you aren’t to take “no” for an answer after your demo. You are to try whatever means possible to sell the machine, through lowering the price or 3 day trials.

So Is It A Scam Or Not?

Rather than call it the Kirby Vacuum Scam, poor sales tactics by inexperienced sales persons and false income-earning promises to recruits might be a more appropriate description. It could be said that the door-to-door, commissioned sales tactics of Kirby leads to high-pressure salespeople, which give the company a bad name.

Some consumers are suspicious because of the wide price range fluctuations, resulting in claims of a Kirby Scam. In addition, the “3-day right to rescind period” might find you without the ability to reach a salesperson, should you change your mind during the trial period. These are just a few of the complaints consumers have mentioned on the Internet, when speaking of a Kirby Vacuum Scam.

Since the inception of the Kirby, they have used door-to-door salespersons to market the unique and highly versatile machine. The Kirby vacuums feature powerful suction and it is a home cleaning system that takes the place of several machines. Complaints in the Kirby Vacuum Scam don’t stem from the actual operation of the vacuum–in fact, it is a great machine.

The sales tactics and recruitment tactics are the major concerns of the Kirby Vacuum Scam, but some Kirby sales recruits say it is a great opportunity, so this doesn’t affect all distributors.

Dealing With Kirby Vacuums If Buying Or Considering Recruitment

Read ads carefully and if you aren’t familiar with what the job entails or you disagree with what you are asked to do, you shouldn’t take it. The consumer complaints might come from the tactics used by inexperienced sales recruits that are working hard to earn a check, it seems.

You can avoid being a victim of a Kirby Vacuum Scam if you realize the carpet cleaning is a sales pitch and not a “free” prize. If you agree to the demonstration, make sure you are thinking about purchasing the machine. Set the time limit of the appointment and stick with it.

Keep in mind that the machine can cost $2000, but you might be able to negotiate a much better deal. The 3-day trial is actually the “cool-down” period, where you can legally return the machine, so make sure you act quickly, if you change your mind.

Bottom line: Kirby vacuums are great, but it’s the sales and recruitment tactics that are the subject matter of the Kirby Vacuum Scam. Even the recruitment has its positives for those that work hard, just like network marketing opportunities and online success demands a lot of hard work and time that we do not necessarily get informed about to begin with, otherwise who would join? But a message to all the sales people out there: be respectful of people and their time.

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