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The Shark steam mop is part of the Euro Pro Shark steam cleaner range for cleaning hard floors, with a few popular Shark floor steam cleaner types mentioned here within the review to help make comparisons.

These Shark steam pocket mops are steam floor cleaners that are designed to clean without chemicals, using tap water and heating it up to create a sanitizing steam at a reasonable price.

Like many household products today this series of products creates some confusion for consumers as often each product in the series looks similar and it is difficult to know which of the Shark Steam Cleaner Mops is the best one for individual households.

To help solve that problem here is a comparison of three Euro Pro Shark Steam Cleaner Mops.

Shark Steam Mop - Reviews and Comparisons

shark floor steam cleaner

3101 Shark Floor Steam Cleaner Features

The 3101 Shark Steam Mop like all the pocket mops in the Shark pocket mop line up is designed to clean hard floors including wood, linoleum, vinyl and tile. It has several features.

These features include:

  • The 3101 is lightweight
  • release steam by pushing the mop forward
  • 20 foot release cord
  • comes with 2 washable cleaning pads
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Reasonably priced
Overall - 3101

Shark Deluxe 3202 Features

The 3202 Shark Steam Mop is almost identical to the Shark 3101 with the exception of the addition of the following features

  • The power cord has been lengthened to 25 feet
  • It comes with 5 washable floor cleaning pads
  • Carpet glider tool is included with the 3202
  • reasonably prices selling at about $20.00 more than the 3101
Overall - 3202

Shark 3501 Features

The 3501 Deluxe Shark Steam Mop offers several changes over the 3202 and even more over the 3101. These changes include:

  • 30 foot power cord
  • 4 washable cleaning pads
  • carpet glide attachment
  • 180 degree swivel head
  • 2 interchangeable heads one triangle head to reach corners better
  • Larger water tank
  • duster pad
Overall - 3501

Pros and Cons of The Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Now that you can actual see the differences between the 3101, 3202, and the 3501 Shark Steam Mops, here are what actual reviewers have had to say about these mops and how they work.

User reviews for the Shark 3101 and 3202 were both mediocre. Although the reviews for the 3202 were more difficult to find and there were far fewer of them here are some things that reviewers had to say about these two Euro pro steam cleaner mops.


  • There were several things that reviewers liked about the Shark 3101 and 3202. Some of the features and functions that received good mark from people who used these mops.
  • Cleans extremely well. (Though from the reviews we found the 3101 seemed to get more compliments on it's cleaning power than did the 3202 which in part was due to the fact that were abundant reviews of the 3101 and only a few scattered reviews of the 3202.)
  • Heats quickly
  • Most reviewers loved the light weight design of the Shark steam pocket mop
  • Price. Price too was a selling point for these two mops. Although the Shark 3202 was priced at about $20.00 more the extra cleaning pads made the price worth it.


While there were several things about the Shark 3101 and 3202 steam mops that consumers loved there were a few things they saw as disadvantages.

These disadvantages included:

  • Flimsy handle reviewers for both the Shark 3101 and 3202 felt the handle on these steam mops were too flimsy for continual use. In fact, several consumers complained that these handles often broke after a years use.
  • No swivel head. Not having a swivel head was a huge problem for many users as it made it impossible to use the Shark 3101 and 3202 to reach hard to reach places such as behind the toilet in bathrooms.
  • Expensive pads. Many consumers felt the replacement pads were quite expensive for these two steam mops.
  • Small water tanks while most users saw the small water tanks as a minor disadvantage many still mentioned it.

In regard to the flimsy handle on the Shark 3101 and 3202 steam mops, though consumers complained about this feature it should be pointed out that at the price these steam mops sell for (sometimes as low as $50.00) that replacing these steam mops every year would still cost less than purchasing a years worth of floor cleaner for regular mopping.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Shark 3501

shark steam mop

Most reviewers of the deluxe 3501 Shark steam mop felt that The Shark company had really listened to their complaints about the previous Shark steam pocket mop types and solved most of the problems they saw with the mop. Here is what they had to say about the 3501.


3501 Deluxe Ratings

Ease Of Use
Value For Money

  • Loved the longer power cord as it meant less unplugging and re plugging when mopping
  • Loved the swivel head and the triangle pad that allowed them to reach all those hard to reach places
  • They felt the handle on the 3501 was much sturdier and would hold up for years of use
  • They felt it cleaned hard floors great.
  • They loved the larger tank


The main disadvantage that consumers had with the 3501 Euro Pro Shark steam cleaner is that the carpet glide worked to freshen their carpets but did not really deep clean them.

While all the Shark steam mop types seemed to do a great job of cleaning those really dirty floor most consumers felt that the deluxe 3501 Shark floor steam cleaner was the better mop due to the swivel head and the triangle head which allowed them to clean hard to reach places better.

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