Oreck Vacuum Cleaners Review - Find The Best Oreck Vacuums

Oreck vacuum cleaners reviewed to find the best Oreck vacuums and why the Oreck vacuum cleaner is popular within households, also the types of features that make home cleaning easier

When David Oreck set out to design a lightweight, powerful and durable vacuum for hotel housekeepers in the United States, he had no idea that the Oreck Vacuum would become so popular in homes across America.

In fact, when he started the company in Cooksville, Tennessee in 1963, his focus was on the hotel industry and there are more than 50,000 hotels around the world that use Oreck Vacuums.

The consumer market developed when the housekeepers started loving them so much, they wanted them for their own home.

Now the company has grown to a worldwide manufacturer that sells Oreck Vacuum Cleaners on several continents and their focus still remains on lightweight vacuum cleaners that are strongly built, yet easy to handle.

Oreck Vacuums - Latest Innovation:

oreck vacuum cleaners

The newest innovation is the New Oreck Edge, which is touted to be "the quietest, most powerful, go-anywhere, clean-anything Oreck upright ever".

When you look at the features you can expect from the New Oreck Edge, it is bound to become one of their most popular Oreck Vacuums.

It is so quiet you can talk on the phone while you vacuum, but you get more suction and greater pick-up than any other Oreck upright ever made.

You get a powerful upright with a 30 foot cord, HEPA filtration system, long-lasting belt and it still only weighs 13 pounds. The light duty "quickwand" onboard tool makes it easy to clean stairs or furniture, while the Versa-Glide true floating head adjusts from carpet to bare floors automatically.

Other Popular Oreck Vaccum Cleaner Models

Oreck XL Vacuums: oreck vacuums

The Oreck XL vacuum cleaner models are probably some of the most popular because they are a pro-series line of Oreck Vacuums, commonly found in hotels.

The Oreck XL series offers a great value for families on tight budgets and everything up to the best-performing pro vacuum.

For consumers, the 9 pound XL Element features a single speed vacuum with advanced HEPA filtration, 3 year warranty with 1 free tune-up and the most affordable price.

The XL Silver features 2 speeds, but still only weighs 9 pounds and offers a 5 year warranty and 3 annual tune-ups.

The XL Gold features 2 speeds, but it is a quiet vacuum with sound dampening technology, a 6 year warranty and 6 annual tune-ups.

Oreck XL Platinum Pilot

The top of the XL line of Oreck Vacuum Cleaners is the Oreck XL Platinum Pilot, which comes with an unheard of 10 year warranty and 10 free annual tune-ups.

Besides the 2 speeds and lightweight at 10 pounds, it features the most effective cleaning power you can get with the XL Line. It is in a class by itself, because it is part of the Pro Series, commonly used in hotels and commercial establishments.

Not only is the warranty longer, but they are the strongest and most durable for the really tough cleaning jobs.

Most people that consider the Oreck XL Platinum Pilot for their home have pets and children that are prone to make messes, or they want a lightweight vacuum with great maneuverability and a long lifespan.

Oreck Halo Vacuums

oreck vacuum cleaner

The Oreck Halo series offers a patented Halo UV-C germ-killing light for a powerful clean.

In fact, the Halo is the world's only UV-C germ-killing upright vacuum, which is especially helpful for those that have allergies and small children that crawl around the floors. The germs and microbes are killed in seconds, without additional cleaning steps.

The Halo features two powerful motors, to drive the brushes that agitate the carpet and run the suction, to quickly trap dirt and allergens in the HEPA 13 Filter bag.

Users said the cleaning power of these Oreck Vacuums make your carpets look like they were shampooed. You just vacuum and turn on the "Halo" light, which shines blue.

Not only do you get 2 in 1 cleaning power, but pet owners will love the fact that flea eggs can be killed without chemicals.


Those that are searching for powerful and lightweight cleaning will love the Oreck Vacuum Cleaner, whether for home use or as commercial vacuums.

While they might cost a bit more than some uprights, the Oreck Vacuums are in a class by themselves, when it comes to durable power in a lightweight and easy to maneuver vacuum.

Oreck Vacuum Cleaners are the innovators in vacuum technology to make your cleaning chores more fun and more effective. This is what makes them popular with consumers and hotels, alike.

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