Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Review

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners are a unique brand of vacuum, primarily due to their sales method, and the massive capabilities of the Kirby Vacuum at multi-tasking for home and commercial cleaning.

If you have never heard of Kirby Vacuums, it is likely due to the fact that you have never had an in-home demonstration.

It is the sales tactics used by the company that are more scrutinized than the machines itself, because they are very well-built machines that last a long time, by most all accounts.

History of the Company:

The Kirby Vacuum originated in 1906 and they were designed to clean your home in various ways by using a water and dirt separation method.

As improvements were made to the design, production began after World War I. By 1925, the removable tools and multiple attachments became part of the original "Vacuette Electric" model, that offered the multiple functions and convertibility that Kirby has become well known for.

Improvements have been made over the years, and today's Kirby Vacuum Cleaners come with a patented HEPA bag filtering system, capable of removing 99% of particles and the redesigned power unit is stronger and more durable.

In addition, the TechDrive Variable Power Assist makes it easier to move the heavier vacuum, which has been a complaint by elderly users that claimed the machine was too bulky for their use.

Kirby's unique marketing system originated in 1920, as a direct-selling company, utilizing in-home demonstrations and live comparisons to your old vacuum, in order to make sales.

Because of the numerous capabilities of the machines, it helps customers see the capabilities and understand how Kirby Vacuums can be used in their own homes.

Door-to-door salespeople utilize commission-based sales to enjoy unlimited earning opportunities and become independent Kirby distributors, opening their own store fronts.

The in-home demonstrations are still part of the Kirby sales process, today. There are some that might say this is also their biggest disadvantage because some people don't want salespeople coming to their home to pressure them into purchasing.

Complaints About Sales Tactics And Pricing

The salespeople can generate some of the biggest complaints against the company and the negotiable pricing structure means that some customers pay more than others for the same machines.

The company has had many consumer complaints, which happens with this type of sales because some salespeople are overly aggressive to make the sales and the pricing is left up to the salesperson.

You can expect to pay several times more for Kirby Vacuum Cleaners than most other vacuum cleaners, but there are times where a distributor might have a rebuilt machine they are willing to sell for a couple hundred dollars. However, there may be advantages and disadvantages to using a sales person, because they can negotiate the starting price, but ones desperate to make a sale will lower the price, substantially.

Advantages of Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

These machines are as close to commercial cleaners as you will find and there are many commercial establishments that purchase Kirby Vacuum Cleaners, because of their long-lasting durability and well-built strength.

kirby vacuum cleaners

There is no doubt that the machines will perform better than almost any other models on the market and they are capable of replacing several other pieces of cleaning equipment.

They come with a minimum 3 year warranty, although there are some models that carry a lifetime warranty.

The machines are known for their multi-tasking capabilities, which are evident in the latest model, the Kirby Sentria System. It is touted as being 12 separate machines, made into one unit.

Unlike many models of vacuums, the Sentria is made from die cast aluminum and coverts to a deep-cleaning upright, a carpet shampooer system, a canister vacuum, a floor buffer and almost everything in between!

It comes with attachments to reach the hard-to-reach places and can easily remove pet hair from the floor and furniture. You can give a lustrous shine to hardwood floors or shampoo carpets with professional results.

Disadvantages of Kirby Vacuums

The price is much higher than other models of vacuums on the market, but you do get a vacuum and shampooer, in one machine.

The overly-aggressive salespeople are a reason for concern, but not all of them are like that. Those would be the major disadvantages of purchasing a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner.


If you are looking for the cleaning machine that does everything, Kirby Vacuum Cleaners are an investment that will last a long time.

They have a reliable history and devoted users wouldn't consider any other brand than Kirby Vacuums. However, the big issue is the sales tactics and the persistence of the salesperson that should be considered.

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